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Artistfolio - An Introduction
How much does it cost?
How do I join artistfolio?
Sending us your information
Sending us your images
Updating my Artistfolio page

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Artistfolio.
It's split into several sections covering everything from signing up, sending
us your information, images, pricing, updating your page.....
hopefully everything you'll ever need to know! - but just in case we've
missed something please email

Artistfolio - An Introduction

Previous PageWhat is Artistfolio?
Artistfolio is a site dedicated to helping you and other Artists get your work online. Essentialy Artistfolio helps you create an online business
card without the fuss, bother and expense of building a complete
website. It's a simple, fast, low cost solution - and it works!

Previous PageWhat is an Artistfolio Page, and What's Included?
Each Artistfolio Page includes

+ A unique web address (URL)
+ 5 Images of your choice
+ Artist text / statement
+ Your contact details
+ Up to 5 external links to other websites

Click here to see some examples

Previous PageHow much does It cost?
The cost of an Artistfolio Page is £69.00 for 12 months. You'll get the option after 12 months to renew for a further year or you can simply do
nothing and the page will expire after 12 months.

Previous PageHow do I join Artistfolio?
We've kept it simple, select ' Sign Me Up!' and follow our 3 step guide

1. Enter your information (for more detailed information click here)
     This is the information we'll display on your page.
2. Make payment
     Make an online payment using PAYPAL, or send a cheque.
3. Send us your images (for more details click here)
     E-mail your images and description text to

That's it! - once we've received your information, images and payment we'll aim to have your Artistfolio page online within 24 hours.

Sending us your information

Previous PageWhat is the page title? - This is the heading for your page
Previous PageWhat is my unique web address?
Each Artistfolio page has a unique address. This is the address
people will type into their browsers to find your page.
For example -
Your unique web address cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
You can use '-' and '_' to seperate words. If you're not sure what to put, no worries just leave it blank and we'll make up one for you. Please note all our pages begin www.artistfolio/ - your bit goes here!

Previous PageWhat is Artist Information / text?
This is a chance to add a bit of text about yourself and your work.
You could use it to describe a latest project, a brief artists statement.
Its up to you, we recommend you keep this to under 300 words,
but don't worry if you go slightly over!

Previous PageContact Details, What will be displayed?
It's up to you what information you put here, if you don't want certain
information displayed on your page leave it blank. We only ask you
include a valid e-mail address as this is our main form of communication
with our members. There's a tick box to select if you don't want the
e-mail address displayed on your page. We encrypt your e-mail address to
protect it from being harvested by web spiders and robots.

Previous PageAdding Links to my webpage?
You can include up to 5 external links to outside websites. These could be places where your work is being exhibited, another homepage, favourite
places, sites, myspace....its up to you.
If you want the links to be named, please include the name of the link
as well as the link itself. For example - bbc homepage -
If named links aren't supplied we'll display the full link on your page.

Previous PageWhat do I put in the 'any further comments box?'
Use this box to enter any additional information, or comments about the information you've sent us.

Previous PageValidation Code, What is it?
By entering the validation code you stop us getting automated and spam
form submissions. This field must be completed for your details to be sent.

Sending us your Images

Previous PageHow do I send you my images?
All images must be sent to us via e-mail, our e-mail address is
Images can be sent individually or all at once, it's up to you!

Previous PageHow many Images can I send?
Your artistfolio web page has space for 5 images. Please make sure
you specify your main image. If we receive more than 5 images we'll
pick out our favourites!

Previous PageImages - Which Format, Size, File Size?
The preferred file formats for your artwork are .jpeg, .tiff, and .pdf
Please note the following image sizes for your submitted artwork. You don't need to worry too much about getting these exact as we'll resize your
images for you.

Large Images

Portrait format - 640 pixels on the longest side
Landscape format - 640 pixels on the longest side
Square Images - 500 x 500 pixels

Please make sure your submitted artwork does not exceed
2 meg per image!

will be created from these larger images. Please note, unless specified thumbnails will be cropped square to 125 x 125 pixels. If you'd like your thumbnails to be kept in their native format, for example landscape or portrait please state this when sending your images, the maximum size of a thumbnail will be 125 pixels on the longest side.

Previous PageNaming Your Images, what details do you need?
When sending us your images, it would help if you can name the images
and to include your name in the filename. For example

In your covering email please include the artwork title, and any
additional information - media used, size etc etc. The more specific you
are with your information the better we'll get your page. Please also
specify your main image, all other images will be displayed as thumbnails.

Previous PageHow quickly are my pages online?
Once we've received your payment we will aim to get your pages online
within 24 hours. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail to tell you when your
page is up and running and you'll get an opportunity to check it's all okay.

Updating your Artistfolio page

Previous PageHow do I update my page and how much will it cost?
Although you're happy with your Artistfolio page, there will come a time
when you want to change things, it maybe to change some examples
of your work or to update your Artist text or change your contact details.
Updates to your pages can be requested either by email at or our online enquiry form.
There is a charge for updating your Artistfolio page. Below are some
example charges. All updates are subject to a minimum charge of £5.00.

Guide Prices
Below are prices for changing and updating images on your
page. Price includes updating image descriptions.

Single Image - £5.00
2-4 Images - £4.50 per image
All 5 Images £20.00

Any Changes to Artist Details / Contact Text is again subject to a
Minimum fee of £5.00

As with all updates, we will
advise the price before going ahead with any work.

How quickly are the updates / changes actioned?
Updates are actioned within 24 hours of receipt of payment.


Previous PageWhat happens when the 12 months is up?
We will contact you a month or two before your page is due to expire offering you the option to renew for a further 12 months. If you don't want
or no longer need your Artistfolio page you don't need to do anything as
your page will be disabled automatically after the year has expired.
How much does it cost to renew my page?
The renewal charge is currently £49.00 for a further year.

Can I reinstate my page after it's been disabled?
Will I need to re-submit my details ?

Yes no problem we'll be happy to reinstate your page and don't worry
we'll keep all your Artistfolio page details in case you want to reactivate
the page in the future.

How much does it cost to reinstate my artistfolio page?
Providing there are no changes to your page and content the
reinstatement charge is also £49.00


Previous PageDo I need to contact you to cancel my Artistfolio page?
If you don't want or no longer need your Artistfolio page you don't need to do anything as your page will be disabled automatically after the year has expired. If you want your page removed before the 12 months is up
then please send us an email or a message via our online form.

If I change my mind can my Artistfolio fee be refunded?

Unfortunately if you've completed the full application procedure, sent your images and your Artistfolio page is online then sadly we cannot offer
a refund. If however you have not sent your images and your page is not
online then we will offer a refund less a £5.00 admin charge
(this covers our fees to PayPal).