James Gibbs - Fish Art
My cousin James 'found what he was looking for' when he moved to Oman in 1993 and discovered the extraordinary underwater beauty of a coral garden. He describes it as 'a casino of visual wealth and colour' and instantly knew he had to capture its 'bountiful riches'. Combining his passions of art and magic he set to work painting the glorious underwater world during the day and performing magic shows at night at the royal palace of the Sultan of Oman.

James's fish art (4 signed originals shown here) cleverly characterises the individuality of each type of fish and includes glistening sardines, bubbles of bream, packs of sharks and solo fish gliding by. His observations of fish and plant life and use of striking colours and tones capture a vivid and appealing quality and a touch of 'fish' familiarity that we can all relate to.

James died in December 2014 after a short illness. He spent his last few days at the Sri Jemieson International Meditation Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka and became a Novice Buddhist Monk just before he died. He has left me the wonderful legacy of introducing his unique fish art in to the UK and beyond.

James’s lively, creative and spontaneous spirit lives on in his fish art paintings. The paintings are proving popular and are being bought by customers from all over the world.

How to buy James's originals shown here:

You can buy the seven signed originals shown here using Pay Pal.

Simply click on each of the images and it will take you through to the ‘shopping cart’ page. There are details on these ‘shopping cart’ pages of the size of the painting, whether it’s framed or unframed, and its price. Sizes include borders.

Cost of these originals:

From: £95

Artwork will be sent carefully wrapped within 10 working days.

For any further queries on any aspect of the art:

Contact me - Sarah Gibbs
Mobile: 07980 922694
Email: sarah.m.gibbs@btinternet.com

Links: www.sarah-gibbs.co.uk

James Gibbs - Sail Fish and Sima
James Gibbs - Sailing
James Gibbs - Myriad of Fish
James Gibbs - Wrasse and Sardines
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